All you ever need to know 'bout him...

Full Name: James Lye (Lai XingXiang)
Age: 29
Birthday: 17 June 1969
Star Sign: Gemini
Height: 1.78 m
Weight: 74 kg
Chest: 96.5 cm
Born in: Singapore
Studied in: ACS, ACJC, Arizona State University
Hobbies:  Rugby, Golf, Tennis, Swimming and enjoying ice-cream 
First TV Role:  Co-Host of Showbuzz 
Previous TV Shows:  Triple 9, Price Of Peace, VR Man, Season Of Love
Pet Hates:  None 
Childhood Ambition:  Teacher 
Wildest Thing You Ever Did:  Being a actor 
Favourite Animal:  Dogs 
Favourite Actor / Actress:  Jason Scott Lee 
Favourite Local Food:  Chicken Rice 
Favourite Cartoon Character:  Spider Man 
Favourite Sitcom / Drama:  Mad About You 
Favourite Color:  Baby Blue 
Favourite Drink:  Soya Bean drink and winter melon tea 
Favourite Author:  Anne Rice 
Favourite Movie:  Shawshank Redemption and Chow Yun Fat's Treasure Hunt 
People you want to meet and why:  Late President Sheares - Because I want to thank him for delivering me 27 years ago. 
Define Sexy:  The mind, the body and voice 
If I have one day to live, I will ... :  spend it with my loved one, sleeping in her arms. 
If I can change any one part of myself, I ... :  will change my shyness, so that I can ask people that I like out. 
Most embarassing moment:  To sing and dance on National TV for the first time during the TCS Anniversary Show. 

Sources: Mediacity, The Electric New Paper, Lime magazine, Me (creator of this website) and most importrantly, the man himself, James Lye. All Rights Reserved.