Here are 15 interesting facts about James Lye thats few people know. All these info were gathered from many sources over many years, and not guaranteed to be 100% accurate, although I can say that most of it were from reliable sources. Read on to find out more!


 Do you know that James Lye…

*  used to be frequently late for work while filming Triple Nine…ha!

*  has lived in Queenstown & Sixth Avenue before

*  now lives in Kembangan

*  goes to church! (near town)

*  plays golf every week (at a country club in the western part of Singapore)

*  likes to drink wine (one of his fave drinking place is supposedly the old peranakan place, behind Papa Joe’s)

*  is a real gentleman and doesn’t put on airs

*  once believed in Santa Claus

*  drives a sleek Mazda Mx-5 (used to be white, but he changed to black last year) cool huh?

*  owns a Nokia Communicator, a Sharp laptop and a few other really cool electronic gadgets

*  lived with his American Chinese girlfriend for 6 mths after University, before TCS…doing nothing but bum around

*  has an older sister as well as a younger one, he’s the only son!

* has a father who’s a retired businessman

*  started dating when he was 15 and had his first kiss when he was 17

*  once expected to be married by now (but seems like he still isn’t)