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14/11/00 -- New Domain Name and Email Domain

I'm proud to announce that we now have a domain name of our own, at ! In future, all you have to do is remember this URL and you'd be brought to this site. We may have new plans in future to revamp the site, but for now,  this look will remain.

Also, do you wish to own an email address Well, all you have to do is register by emailing at indicating 1) your choice of username, ie. the you in , 2) the email address at which all mails will be forwarded to (Read note below) and leave the rest to us! 

Note: Email address is a forwarding address only, meaning that all emails sent to this address will be forwarded to your present email. Registration is based on a first come first served basis and subject to availability, so what are you waiting for? Email us now and take your pick.

14/09/00 -- Lina Ng's wedding (Click on thumbnail for full view)


26/08/00 -- Dick Lee's Birthday Party! 

Finally...after more than a month of totally no news, I had thought that James was gonna disappear from my world! hehe... Well, latest news... his appearance (after so long) was at Dick Lee's Party (held at Lush, Mohammad Sultan) last Wednesday, 23rd August. Read more about it from James dons a pink shirt to this pinkie party.

07/07/00 -- Video Clip of the opening of the juice bar

Remember the opening of the juice bar about 2 months ago? Here is a video clip (from website) of the event featured in Entertainment Beat! Includes short interviews of guests such as Ix Shen, Lisa Ang, Jimmy Ye and Chen Hanwei. Of course, not forgetting the man himself, James Lye.

17/06/00 -- James' Birthday!!

Today,  James turns 31...can you believe it? Our favourite hunk is 31!!! He still looks as good as ever, and he's moving on to greater things in life. Well, to James if you're seeing this, on behalf of the JLOFC, here's wishing you a Happy Birthday~!!! May the best things in life be bestowed upon you, and well...Happiness Always!


Good News~!! -- As you can see, the technical problems we had gone through regarding the site has been resolved. The site can now be updated!! hip, hip Hurray~!!!

News Paper Articles -- Here are some newspaper articles featuring the opening of the juice bar and some older ones about how Chen Hanwei felt about James' resignation after working with him for The Millennium Bug.

Click here to view them

13/05/00 Private Party at juice bar co-owned by James Lye

There was a private party held at the shop at Pacific Plaza last night, and several celebrities were spotted, including Chen Hanwei, Christopher Wee and Diana Ser. 

I am not sure exactly what the party was about, but it seems to me that it was something like an opening ceremony. So, if you're looking for a place to spend an afternoon with your friends, why not go down and check out this new place in town? =) Pretty cool place to hang out. 


Here's a picture of Chen Hanwei at the party. I'm sorry I could not get any pictures of James Lye. By the way, I was there that night too, but unfortunately I did not manage to see James Lye.

29/04/00 When I fall in love.....With both Gala Premiere

Remember the movie with Fann Wong and Peter Ho? Well, its going to be out on the 4th of May. The Gala Premiere was held yesterday, at GV Grand. I attended it, half expecting to see James Lye there...however, James was not there. Instead, he was at Zouk, for the Levis engineered jeans launch party covered by . Also there were other VIPS such as Zoe Tay, Najip, and Diana Ser. 

Here are some of the pics at last night's event at Zouk.

zouk1.jpg (33121 bytes) zouk2.jpg (33098 bytes) zouk3.jpg (35458 bytes) zouk4.jpg (49001 bytes)

Pictures courtesy of Go to this site to view a write-up of the event.

21/04/00 Good Friday

15 Interestng facts about James Lye


Okay, its been 2 months now, and there hasn't been any news of James Lye ever since he started work at Citibank. So, with regards to this site, I would like to know what you guys would wanna see. 

Do you have any ideas about what I should post here? Or do you want me to publish an article you have written about something regarding James Lye? It could be something you want to share with the others, or even your personal experience! Any comments or suggestions are warmly welcome. 

Up next, I will be posting some small interesting articles about James Lye. Do keep a lookout!


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