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*Latest Updates*: 

19th Nov 2000

Added the video of the opening of the juice bar for download. This one is the same video as the last one, except that this time around you get to download it to your hard disk and view it offline. Its in asf format, and you can use the regular media player to view it. Proceed to the Videos Clips section to download. I might be adding more videos in the Videos Clips section in the months to come.

18th Nov 2000

There isn't any update today, but I am writing this as there is otherwise no other better way to convey what I feel. I would just like to say that after reading those 2 msgs left in the guestbook yesterday by Tan Lee Poh and Ivmng, I was truly touched. Its really good to know that someone, somewhere out there appreciates my work, and more importantly, that each day, even though its almost 10 months after he has quit, he is still being discovered and gaining fans from overseas. Well, what can I say? I am truly glad to be of service to these people, from Japan, Hong Kong, or anywhere in the world. Thanks for the encouragement, I will keep the site going as far as I can. Who knows, someday, as all of you wish, he might just return to acting huh? Nothing is impossible.

14th Nov 2000

New domain name -- www.jameslye.net and FREE email domains you@jameslye.net up for grabs! 
Lina Ng's Wedding
Dick Lee's Birthday Bash

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Thanks for all your support guys! and more importantly, thanks for not forgetting. There hasn't been much updates since he left, and I have no idea what else to do with the site, so if you have any suggestions at all, just email me at webmaster@jameslye.net 

The What's New Section is now split into 2 sections called the News and News Archive. This is to facilitate you by making downloading of the pages faster.

Coming up soon, I will be posting some video clips for downloading, so just keep a lookout. 

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